Bonibrae Velvet Sabretooth

('Bonibrae Witches and Warlocks' X Sdlg.)

TET., Dor., 5.75 in., fl., 32 in., sc., 2 - 3 way branching

$150 Single Fan

Bonibrae Velvet Sabretooth, DaylilyBonibrae Velvet Sabretooth, Daylily

Bonibrae Velvet Sabretooth (‘Bonibrae Witches and Warlocks’ X Sdlg.) Dormant, Tet, 5.75” flower, 32” scape, mid season, 15 bud count. Coloured teeth and white sabres! Lots of teeth on both petals and sepals! Teeth can be either coloured purple or white gold, but the sabres are always white! Usually the sepals have lots of the gold teeth. The petals have the coloured teeth and white protruding sabres! Yellow green throat, Velvety burgundy purple flowers with a slightly darker eye. Occasional pods, good pollen.